“To succeed in this business and more importantly in this region takes more than just commitment to value. It takes good relationships that are built through years of trust. Achieving this requires consistent quality service and first-hand knowledge of the market. Through more than 90 years of service, ATAMIAN SAL has become the leader in the watch industry in Lebanon. We have gained the respect of our partners in the market, and those who entrust us with their brands.

Our promise: Giving our clients the best care and advice.

Our commitment: Ensuring that each brand reaches its full potential.”

Hagop Atamian






ATAMIAN SAL has been founded in 1927 by Barkev Atamian who opened his first store in Riyadh el Solh, Downtown Beirut. It consisted of a small workshop that sold and repaired Swiss watches. It later grew to become one of the best watchmakers in Beirut.

In 1956, Hagop Atamian, son of Barkev Atamian and current president of the company, joined the family business. He then headed to La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, where he mastered the art of watch making.

Driven by his passion in the world of watches, Hagop Atamian intended to broaden his existing business by acquiring new watch brands. In 1980, he acquired the distribution of LONGINES, his first major international brand.

Core values passed down from father to son to enhance the business and seek for excellence.

In 1993, Mher Atamian, current managing director of the company; joined his father’s business and took the challenge to expand it. With his knowledge and enthusiasm, Mher Atamian has effectively placed the company among the great names of watch retail and wholesale industry in Lebanon.

With combined efforts, the company has marked continuous success and expanded into the retail business.





ATAMIAN SAL distributes and sells International brands of luxury watches and jewelry. With more than 90 years of existence, the company has acquired strong reputation and trust in the Lebanese market and in the MENA region too.

The business has rapidly expanded through increasing number of outlet stores in all the major malls.

In today’s fast growing competitive market, ATAMIAN SAL aims to provide constant satisfaction to his clients having integrity on top: Honesty, Respect and Trust. The company believes that “Integrity helps strengthen the relationships with partners and clients, and it is the essential factor to build long-term relationships”.

The company also believes that Perfection can only be achieved through a team of well-qualified and highly trained employees. That is why each employee in the company meets high skillfulness and educational standards. Professional career planning is offered to the staff in addition to international seminars and trainings held by the brands.