A Retro Revival with a Modern Twist


Le Locle, Switzerland – Swiss watchmaker Tissot unveils a new ad campaign, fusing 70s nostalgia with contemporary flair to showcase the reinterpreted Sideral collection. This voguish advertisement highlights the Sideral watch, a redesign of the 1971 original, delivering vintage aesthetics with a playful and elegant tone that resonates with today's generation.


Anchored by the motto "Enjoy every hour", the campaign highlights the significance of treasuring each moment, be it alone, in the company of your pet, or surrounded by loved ones, while celebrating the simple joys of life.


Embracing the Vibrant Spirit of the 70s

The Sideral collection ad transports audiences to a vintage-chic yet fun experience, invoking the spirit of the 1970s through its rich colours, unconventional ambience, and timeless allure. It artfully combines moments between loved ones with vibrancy, showcasing a warm sun-drenched environment, and unique camera shots reminiscent of the 70s, lending a disruptive touch to the visuals.


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